Boy Scout Troop 349, sponsored by Aldersgate United Methodist Church on Getz Road, will be conducting a second cleanup of the Chief Little Turtle Gravesite in conjunction with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation staff members on the morning of October 20, from 9 until noon.

The troop became involved with the Parks department last Spring during the city’s annual Cleanup Day. One of the scouts had heard his history teacher lament the sad condition of Chief Little Turtle’s gravesite. He said, “Heh, that’s the guy that our Scout Camp is named after. It should be an honored place, not a trash heap”. So, he got his troop together to go clean it up. His father contacted the Parks Department and made arrangements for a cleanup day. Then under Park Department supervision, they removed several truckloads of trash and brush, pruned trees and weeded gardens, and placed two truckloads of mulch. A Native American troop member gave a brief history on the Chief, and lead a short honoring ceremony. The scout then invited his teacher to go look at the gravesite again. She was very pleased. So was he.
In October, the troop will be going back to rake leaves, clean up more trash and brush, and finish mulching the site.


For more information, contact the troop’s committee chairman, Paul Shrawder, at 437-6239.


Tom Watson
Scoutmaster Troop 349

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