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Friday, August 24, Isabel Alvarez and Dottie Collins stopped by The Waynedale News for a short visit. It was great talking to both of these two all-stars from the past.

Isabel “Lefty” Alvarez was born 10-31-33 in Havana, Cuba. She was one of six Cuban players who came to the U.S in 1949. She joined the Fort Wayne Daisies in 1951 and also played with the team through 1952. After splitting the 1953 season between the Lassies and Chicks, she returned for the 1954 campaign-which was the last of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

One of the All-American’s Fort Wayne Daisies top pitchers of the underhand era (before 1948), Dottie Wiltse Collins fashioned a record of 29-10 with a stunning 0.83 ERA in 1945, leading the league in strikeouts with 293. As a rookie traveling with the Minneapolis Millerettes the previous summer, she was 20-16 with a 1.88 ERA.

Both women gained a lot of recognition after the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own. While the film is a fictionalized account of the 1943 season, mainly it accurately represents life in the league.

Isabel now lives on DeForest Avenue here in Waynedale, and Dottie lives out north off of Cook Road. They are both indeed in a “league of their own.”

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