I have been Wayne Township Trustee for five months now, and we have been very busy during our first months here. I don’t expect June to be any different.

Our next major event is our Wayne Township Fishing Derby, scheduled for Saturday, June 23, at the lake at Concordia Theological Seminary, 6600 North Clinton Street. The Wayne Township Trustee’s Office sponsors this annual event to allow young people an opportunity to participate in an activity they can enjoy throughout their lives and to give families an opportunity to enjoy time together fishing.

Registered teams will have an opportunity to win prizes for catching the biggest fish. Each team must include at least one child and at least one adult. Registration will begin at 7 a.m. Registration forms, as well as Derby rules, are available at our office, 320 East Superior Street.

Among the things I have initiated as Trustee is expanding our home inspection program. Our office routinely inspects the homes of clients receiving shelter assistance to make sure their homes meet minimum standards. We have started now to make home visits to our payee clients too.

The Payee Program assists Wayne Township residents who receive Social Security benefits. Our office manages their financial affairs by doing such things as paying their rent and utilities from their own benefits. We want to make sure these clients are seen regularly by our staff to ensure they are not living in substandard housing.

Our housing inspector is Johnny Campos. Mr. Campos has worked as a housing inspector for Wayne Township for eight years.

When Mr. Campos begins an inspection or payee home visit, he explains to the client why he is there and tells them what he is going to do. He then begins the inspection, during which he checks for obvious problems such as making sure all utilities are on and making sure the plumbing works.

He looks for problems with electrical wiring and makes certain a home has a working refrigerator and working smoke detectors. During a regular home inspection, he usually goes into all rooms to which our clients have access, including basements and attics.

However, possibly the most important aspect of Mr. Campos’ job is having contact with our clients. One of our most important goals at the Township is to always treat clients with respect. The payee clients often appreciate knowing someone from the Township cares enough to visit them at their homes.

Recently, I have had other staff members, who normally work only in the office, accompany Mr. Campos in making his inspections. Accompanying Mr. Campos gives our staff a better idea of the overall operation of the Trustee’s Office and helps them learn more about our clients.

Father’s Day will be here soon. I hope all of you take time on Father’s Day to think about your Father and the other men who have helped you and have been influential in your life. And if you can, make sure to tell these men what they have meant to you. They will appreciate your thoughts and you will be rewarded too for thinking of them.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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