On election day my wife and I voted at the Park Edelweiss facility on Elmhurst Drive. The poll workers at that voting site were very helpful and friendly to everyone who came to vote. I made a note to myself at that time to make a point to thank all of the poll workers at Park Edelweiss and throughout the city for their hard work on that day. The city general election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th. I’m sure that the Allen County Election Board can use all the help they can get on that day. If you’re interested in working as a poll worker—an important contribution to our community for which you will be paid–call the Election Board at 449-7329 and let them know you’ll help out.

Also, a special thanks to the management and staff of Park Edelweiss for providing lunch for the poll workers who worked there on election day! I’ve been at dozens of voting sites in the past but I’ve never seen one where the host facility put on the “feed bag” for poll workers!

I’ve recently done business on more than one occasion at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office in Waynedale. When I’ve been there the BMV seems to be well organized and I’ve heard mainly positive comments from others using that facility. However, don’t forget—just like you let me know about problems in the 4th District and Fort Wayne, you can directly contact your state senators and representatives if the Waynedale BMV or other state offices don’t continue to provide good service.

The recent citywide “Great American Cleanup” seemed to go very well on Saturday, May 19th. Many neighborhood organizations focused on cleaning up their own areas and other groups cleaned up our river banks. Frankly, I’ve never accepted the bad habit that some citizens have of throwing trash out their car windows, dumping trash in parks, or letting trash accumulate on their property. That kind of bad behavior has a negative effect on everyone. If our fellow citizens don’t keep their properties cleaned up—even when you remind them to—don’t hesitate to call Neighborhood Code Enforcement at 427-1324.

If you see any visitors from our sister cities in Germany, Poland, or Japan in Fort Wayne this summer give them a good Fort Wayne welcome. Call or email me with your opinions regarding any matters important to our city.


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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