Memorial Day is coming soon; the unofficial start of Summer. I know we are all looking forward to a fun and safe summer.

While many school children get the summer off, we adults have to work during the summer. The same is true for many of our assistance clients at the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office.

To continue to be eligible for Township Assistance, clients, who are able to work, must look for employment. And, they must obtain employment if they can.

To help clients in their job search, we have an Employment Department at the Trustee’s Office. That department is headed by Employment Specialist Nancy Stump.

When a client applies for assistance, our investigators refer those able to work to Ms. Stump. She identifies the client’s skills, diplomas, certificates and other information that might help a person find employment.

Every morning, Ms. Stump checks the newspaper, internet and other referral sources to determine which employers might be hiring. She also visits potential employers to identify if they might be hiring and to speak to them about hiring Wayne Township clients.

Ms. Stump then matches available jobs with the skill level of the clients in our employment program. Referral forms are sent to clients requiring them to apply for the jobs for which they are qualified. In March, Ms. Stump made 263 referrals for clients to seek employment.

Ms. Stump follows up to make sure the client has visited the employer. If a client does not pursue the job opportunity, then, that client risks losing Township Assistance.

Ms. Stump has been the Employment Specialist at the Township Trustee’s Office for ten years. During the past ten years, Ms. Stump unfortunately has noticed a significant decline in jobs available for clients who do not have degrees or special training. This makes Ms. Stump’s job of helping clients find employment more challenging than it was ten years ago.

One of our goals at the Trustee’s Office is to help clients find employment so they can become self-sufficient and gain self-respect. Our Employment Department plays an integral part in meeting this goal.

Please have a great Memorial Day Parade in Waynedale and take time to remember those who have gone before us.

The Waynedale News Staff
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