Joyce Sampson and her team of Waynedale Girl Scout leaders is the first unit within the 6-county Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council to achieve their membership goal. The Waynedale area team’s achievement was announced at a recent Girl Scout Service Manager Roundtable.

The Waynedale area was the second to achieve their goal in 2005-2006. They have worked very hard to be the first to achieve their goal this year. The Waynedale team includes: Joyce Sampson, Service Unit Manager; Jennifer Kennerk, Michelle Bingham, Laura Burnett, Mindy Botchuck, Organizers; Reeta George, Product Sales Coordinator; and Susan Beck, Public Relations.

Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council wishes the Waynedale area leaders congratulations on this achievement. For more information about Girl Scouting call Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council at (260) 422-3417.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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