The City of Fort Wayne is working with the Indiana General Assembly to create a Regional Development Authority (RDA) for Northeast Indiana. An RDA would strengthen economic development opportunities in Northeast Indiana. An RDA would also serve as a source of funding to leverage state and federal dollars for capital improvements of regional significance.


Potential Regional Development Authority projects could include:

* Economic development projects deemed to have a regional impact

* Transportation infrastructure

* Regional airport development

* Public transit facilities and services

* Recreational trails and greenway projects


We must be innovative in looking for new ways to bring private investment to Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. By working together, local and regional leaders can make a positive impact and coordinate efforts to make Northeast Indiana more competitive in the global economy. High trust, high performance partnerships can lead to new jobs and businesses.

County economic development income tax funds from Fort Wayne and surrounding counties would be used to help finance major projects. A board would be created to oversee the authority. The board would consist of appointees from each city and county that voluntarily joins the authority. The authority would help attract potential jobs and businesses to the area by having the flexibility and funding sources to complete projects needed to bring private investment to Northeast Indiana.

This is a great opportunity for us to bring new jobs and businesses to the area. Representatives Randy Borror, Win Moses and Phil GiaQuinta are working with us to help make this important initiative a reality.


Graham Richard

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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