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Mike Schwartz, millworker at the Waynedale Mill.
Mike Schwartz, millworker at the Waynedale Mill.
I took a trip down memory lane last week when I took some very wide slabs of rough-sawed white oak to the Waynedale Mill, located at 6701 Ideal Avenue, to have them planed and sanded.

Fifty years ago I took a trip to the old Waynedale Lumber Company with my father because he was building a set of bunk beds and needed some four by four hardwood posts. Vic McCoy, and Don Rump worked there and both knew my Dad. One of them looked at Dad’s scrap of paper with some dimensions scrawled on it, nodded and told him to stop by next week and they’d have them ready for him. Those old timers had a knack for giving the local do-it-yourselfer, what he needed instead of what he thought he needed.

The old Waynedale Lumber Company eventually went the way of the dinosaurs and in 1996 a new mill sprung up in its place. The new “Waynedale Mill” still uses some of the old mill’s machinery, but most of its machinery has been replaced by brand new computer based technology. Today, architects from around America and the Virgin Islands, send cad-cam drawings directly to Waynedale Mill via the Internet and their drawings are brought to life and then shipped directly to the homebuilders; wherever they might be.

While The Waynedale News was interviewing the men at the Waynedale Mill for this story their skilled craftsmen were making doors, curved casings and other trim for a thirty-million dollar house in the Virgin Islands and another multi-million dollar home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Waynedale Mill specializes in all types of hardwood, cabinets, counter tops, doors, floors, windows, stairs, banisters and any other curved casings that architects can dream up on their computers. Of course we miss the old guys at the previous Waynedale Lumber Company, but if they could see what’s going on today at Waynedale Mill, I suspect they’d nod their collective heads in approval of a new era and computer-based technology that could never have been dreamed of during the 1950s.

Waynedale Mill’s manager is Mark Haines, his email address is MHaines@Wayne- daleMill.com his telephone number is (260) 747-1265; his fax number is (260) 747-1615 and his cell number is: (260) 450-4198.

If you have a project that calls for something a little better than “off the shelf,” give Mark a call.

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