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Phase One of the Ardmore Avenue (formerly Hayden Road) extension project has been completed and was opened at 9:00am Tuesday, November 21, 2006.

Ardmore Avenue has been extended from Lower Huntington Road to Airport Expressway. In addition, new traffic signals have been installed at Ardmore Avenue and Lower Huntington Road, as well as, Ardmore Avenue and Airport Expressway.

The $5.8 million project will continue in the spring with the connection of Ardmore Avenue from Airport Expressway to Indianapolis Road. An existing bridge across the Fairfield Ditch on Lower Huntington Road will also be reconstructed to provide turn lanes at the newly signalized intersection at Ardmore Avenue and Lower Huntington Road. Eighty percent of the project is funded through the federal government.

The Ardmore extension was initially proposed to the City Council as part of the Fort Wayne General Plan for Future Development on July 15, 1963. The City Council adopted the plan on November 26, 1963.

“The completion of this initial phase of construction is a great step forward in our efforts to provide excellent roadways for motorists and businesses,” said Mayor Graham Richard. “An eventual direct link to Fort Wayne International Airport will enhance economic development opportunities for our community as we work to retain and gain jobs and businesses.”

Once the entire project is completed next fall, motorists will have a direct link to Fort Wayne International Airport from Huguenard and Hillegas Roads and Ardmore Avenue.

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