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Lyle (Sam) Klemm of Lower Huntington Road, Waynedale was a man of firsts at the 150th annual Indiana State Fair. He received the Grand Champion Ribbon for the best banana peppers in the vegetable show, and was also awarded First Place for a peck of peppers, a plate of peppers, and for Backyard Garden.

The First Lady of Indiana, Cheri Daniels, chose Klemm’s peppers as her favorite vegetable in the show. Mrs. Daniels presented Klemm with a plaque and a check for $25 in honor of his peppers.

Klemm’s 20 years of pepper raising seems to have paid off. He is a skilled gardener who has the ability to tell you all the ways to plant, cook, and can peppers.

Congratulations Sam Klemm, a true hometown Waynedaler!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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