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Devante Jones working on his “Summer Voyage”material at Waynedale Elementary School
Devante Jones working on his “Summer Voyage”material at Waynedale Elementary School
Perhaps one of the greatest gifts a teacher can bestow upon the lives of his or her students is the adventure of reading. The adventure of living in a far away land, being an explorer or having a life that could only exist in your dreams, awaits one in the realm of reading.

Elementary students in Fort Wayne Community Schools had the opportunity to partake in a summer school program that provided an exciting learning experience to a far away land while improving reading skills. “Summer Voyage”, a research-based reading intervention program, was offered at nine sites in the Fort Wayne Community School system from June 6-30.

Waynedale School was one of the sites hosting the summer reading program. Thanks to a grant from the Foellinger Foundation and state funding, students in grades K-5 were invited to participate in the program designed to help them maintain and develop their emergent literacy skills. “Summer Voyage” involved systematic instruction proven to prevent summer learning loss and to close the gap for those who struggle with skills critical for success in reading.

Based on students’ reading levels, each grade level had a theme that guided them through literacy activities during the program. All the way from an animal tracks theme in kindergarten to Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Africa for other grades, the program targeted a particular destination using fiction, nonfiction, and instructional materials.

The second grade students explored the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt. Activities included determining how the Egyptians might have used manual labor to build large structures. Chants, raps, and poems were used to reinforce the rhythm of language as the students discovered the land of the Nile. Skills for connecting ideas and themes across texts were used as the students planned their own ancient Egyptian celebration to conclude their learning skills.

Reading is an adventure. Congratulations to all the students who recently participated in the “Summer Voyage” program through Fort Wayne Community Schools. May this be only the beginning of your journey as you explore the exciting world of reading.

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