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Bishop D’Arcy recently appointed Fr. Stephen Kempinger, C.S.C., as the new Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. “I am most grateful to his provincial, Rev. David Tyson, C.S.C., for granting permission to Father Kempinger to serve in this capacity,” stated Bishop D’Arcy. “It is another step in a long and devoted service by the Congregation of Holy Cross of priests, brothers and sisters in this diocese.”

Father Kempinger comes with an excellent background. He has served as principal in one of our schools, and has also served these past few years as Associate Superintendent of the South Bend area, with responsibilities extending throughout the whole diocese.

During this time, Bishop D’Arcy has worked closely with Father Kempinger on a number of occasions. He comes with an excellent background in education, and has worked very well with the principals and with pastors. “I have no doubt that he will bring strength and energy to his new office.”

Bishop D’Arcy wishes to thank the excellent Search Committee, which presented three exemplary candidates, all from within their own system.

“I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Michelle Hittie, our out-going Superintendent of Schools. Mrs. Hittie has brought a genuine professionalism to our office, has strengthened the central office of our diocese and worked well with our Diocesan School Board, the Council of Teachers and with all our principals on the elementary school level, and with our teachers. She has been a joy to work with, and has brought great strength to our educational program.”

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