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The BANKROLL allows full service banking without the confines of a permanent brick and mortar structure. Ed Romary said this project is a reflection on his company’s commitment to the banking industry.
The BANKROLL allows full service banking without the confines of a permanent brick and mortar structure. Ed Romary said this project is a reflection on his company’s commitment to the banking industry.
Romary Associates, Inc. a design-build company that caters to banks and credit unions has developed a new concept. After much planning, discussion and meetings, led by Ed Romary, President, this mobile project, which started years ago as merely a concept, became a reality designed to better serve the banking industry. After completion of this extensive project, Ed is eager to provide for its customers a full service bank as well as a drive-up unit, in a new setting. He has tagged it, “THE BANKROLL.”

This first ever built of the banking type, is a full-service financial branch on wheels that will bring banking services directly to its clients and members. This patent-pending vehicle will allow banks and credit unions to become “mobile,” servicing the needs of customers in remote rural areas, disaster stricken areas or any large sporting or specialty event. Speaking at separate interviews on the new BANKROLL by Romary Associates, Ed commented, “… The opportunities are endless.”

With banking, of course, security is a major concern and that is why they have put together the most up to date, hi-tech, state of the art, communication and security systems within the BANKROLL.

Throughout the mobile unit there are 16 cameras, including one on top of the vehicle that telescopes to seven feet in the air providing a 360-degree panoramic view up to 100 yards away, even in complete darkness. As with most banking institutions, today, the BANKROLL has bullet-resistant glass on the exterior cameras and drive-up window. The doors and windows are wired with micro-switches that trigger alarms and card swipes allow for limited controlled employee access.

In addition, this 45-foot-long, 14-foot-wide mobile bank also needs a security code to start the engine.

The GPS system enables this vehicle to be monitored at all times from a remote location or headquarters, and has the ability to put “fencing” parameters around it while in a designated area. If a vehicle should cross those parameters without authorization, the administration is notified and, has the option to disable the vehicle remotely. Law enforcement officials would be alerted at that time as well. “These precautions go a long way to ensure the security on a vehicle of this kind.”

The communication technology on board is just as unique. Clients will be able to access accounts, withdraw, deposit and take out loans. The BANKROLL is equipped with a telephone system that virtually guarantees no interruption in service at any time. While appearing to be a normal 6-line office phone, the system first searches for a landline connection, if none is found it will default to a cellular connection. If no cell signal is found it then defaults to its satellite system, allowing the user to always have a dial tone.

The vehicle also has computer ports throughout and encrypted wireless capabilities to connect to company networks. Other products available on the BANKROLL include ATM cash dispersing machine as well as its money transfer services.

Romary contracted Loyalty Mobile Solutions of Gallatin, Tennessee to consult on the security and communication measures. Loyalty manufactures mobile command center units for branches of law enforcement and also consults for government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

Romary Associates, Inc. has been in business in the Fort Wayne area since 1968 providing a turnkey operation that includes interior design and furnishings, space planning, remodels and new construction. For additional information, please contact Romary Associates at 260-747-3184.

Going to the bank has never been easier.

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