Good morning, America. When I awoke this morning and looked outside, there was fog.‑I was feeling sad trying to look beyond the fog.‑I closed my eyes and said a prayer.


Dear God,

I’m feeling sad this morning, and I’m sure there are others that cannot see clearly because of the fog in their lives.

Can you help us?

Can you do something, Dear God?

With my eyes still closed but starting to open, I could feel my heart start to glow, and as I opened my eyes, I cried out:‑ Oh my God – I can see the light.‑Is that the sun?‑Yes my child, was the answer I felt in my heart, and my spirit was feeling refreshed and full of joy.

I have sent you my Son that whoever believes in Him will have the fog lifted and be joy-filled with the Holy Spirit.‑This is what I have done for you. For all of you. Because I love you.

Have a good day.

Love, God, your Father.


God Bless America


God Bless Us One and All


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather

The Waynedale News Staff
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