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Paula Yeager led Indiana Wildlife Federation 


Indiana Conservation leader Paula Yeager, who led the Indiana Wildlife Federation for the past six years, died Wednesday, November 9,” said an IWF spokesperson. She was 50 years old.

“On November 9, 2005, Paula R. Yeager (Scheet) lost her courageous 8-year battle against breast cancer,” said a statement from Paula’s husband John.

“Paula was a tireless advocate for the wildlife of the state and nation, both as an individual advocate and in her position as Executive Director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation.”

In 2001, Paula was named Conservationist of the Year by the DNR, an acknowledgement of her commitment to the preservation of Indiana’s resources. “I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know Paula early in my time here at the DNR, even though our time together was much too brief. She will be missed by all of us that are called to protect and conserve the wildlife of Indiana. Hoosier wildlife is safer and more abundant because of Paula,” said Department of Natural Resources Director Kyle Hupfer.

Paula worked tirelessly on several campaigns with the legislature, both state and national, including CARA, mercury pollution, and wetland issues. She also supported the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program. She most recently served on the State Captive Cervid Council where she was recognized for the depth of her knowledge of Chronic Wasting Disease. She helped lead the campaign against canned hunting in Indiana. Former IDNR Director John Goss stated, “Paula Yeager is the person in Indiana most responsible for leading the effort to ban canned hunting. Her tireless efforts educated Hoosier sports men and women on the need to preserve ethical hunting and the impending threat of chronic wasting disease to Indiana’s wild deer herd.”

Former longtime Fish and Wildlife Division Director Gary Doxtater said Paula was a quick learner and open minded, knowing that there were at least two sides to every issue.

“Paula fought hard to protect our resources. Her energy and commitment helped the IWF become a recognized voice of good conservation.”

Her battle with breast cancer was fought over the last 8 years. “Even as it took its toll on her body, Paula remained sharp and focused on conservation issues.”

Paula has requested that memorial donations be made to IWF canned hunting campaign in her name. She will be long remembered and sorely missed by the Board, members, and staff of IWF.

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