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David Parrish American Legion Post 296 on Sunday, October 2, 2005 served an SAL Brunch from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The meal consisted of garbage plate, biscuit & gravy, French toast, cheese omelets, sausage links or bacon, fruit and coffee for $5.00.
The men are outstanding chefs and were complimented by everyone who attended. This was good food and an enjoyable social time for all, a day to give the regular cooks a break.

This brunch will be served again on Sunday, November 6 and Sunday, December 4. The Sons of the Legion (SAL) serving and preparing the meal were: Dennis Cunninghan, Don Schmidt, Greg Yager, Steve Kreischer, Vic Rebeck with kitchen assistance from Sylvia Cunningham and Judy Kreischer.

Come and support the SAL.

Open to the public, stop in and meet your local American Legion Post and have a great meal while doing it.

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