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MarkleBank collected donations at each of its seven branches for Katrina Disaster Relief. One hundred percent of the donations collected were presented to the American Red Cross. A total of $23,252.86 was raised. This total included $2500 collected personally from the MarkleBank Directors, $2000 from the MarkleBank Charitable Foundation, and the remainder from employees, customers, and members of the community. The collection period ran from August 31 to September 17.

MarkleBank’s seven branches are located in Markle, Bluffton, Huntington, Warren, Fort Wayne, and Van Buren. MarkleBank is grateful to the community for their generous outpouring of support for those suffering through the devastation that Katrina left behind.

“MarkleBank’s commitment to service and community requires us to do what we can to challenge ourselves and our communities to give to those in need. We thank our customers and our communities for their generous contribution to our friends on the Gulf Coast,” said Travis Holdman, MarkleBank President and CEO.

Holdman; Rick Oatess, MarkleBank Charitable Foundation Administrator; Mark Wolf, Senior Executive Vice President; and Lynnette LaMontagne, Markle Branch Manager, presented the check at the Huntington County Red Cross offices on Tuesday, September 20.

Susan Zahn, Board Chair for the Huntington Red Cross, and Karen Bennett, Executive Director for the Huntington Red Cross, accepted the donation. Darren and Amanda Taylor and their children, Matthew and Jewel, were present as well. The Taylor family evacuated the area ravaged by the hurricane and had just arrived in Huntington from Wiggins, MS. They are currently living with friends and are relocating to this area.

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