At the time of this writing the Three Rivers’ Festival is underway and appears to be a great success. There have been many varied activities with considerable emphasis on events appealing to kids. Earlier this week there was an unfortunate incident involving a handgun at the TRF midway. The police investigation is currently in progress. I was happy to see what appeared to be a good turnout at later festival events despite the shooting episode. I’m a firm believer that we can’t allow criminal activity of this type to deter us from getting out of our homes and enjoying events such as the Three Rivers Festival.

City Council is currently considering a variety of redistricting maps in its effort to adjust the council district boundaries in preparation for the January 1, 2006 annexation of the Aboite area and its over 25,000 citizens. The redistricting MUST be completed no later than November 2006. It makes no sense to me to delay redistricting until November 2006 and I’m pushing for the process to be completed by January 1, 2006. I’ll keep you informed regarding this issue.

Two projects affecting Ardmore Avenue are moving forward. According to Dave Ross, City Engineer, construction of the extension of Ardmore to Airport Expressway is scheduled to begin this fall and continue into 2006. A consultant has also been hired to work in the eventual widening of Ardmore Avenue between W. Jefferson Blvd. and Taylor Street. That process will have significant public input since nearby homeowners will likely be affected and their interests will need to be taken into consideration.

Almost 40 residents of our Polish sister city of Plock recently visited Fort Wayne. They participated in a wide variety of activities including an amazing song and dance presentation at Foellinger Theater on Tuesday, July 12. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the people of Fort Wayne for the gracious welcome they offered to our friends from Poland. I was proud to personally witness numerous occasions when citizens went out of their way to make our visitors feel welcome.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss any concerns or suggestions regarding Fort Wayne!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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