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Doug Hackbarth, and his wife, Sandy have the greenhouses filled with color. The Hackbarth family purchased Broadview Florist and Greenhouses in 1957.
Doug Hackbarth, and his wife, Sandy have the greenhouses filled with color. The Hackbarth family purchased Broadview Florist and Greenhouses in 1957.
With the chilling grip of winter beginning to give way to an abundance of spring growth, now is the time when homeowners can take to their gardens. Have Spring Fever? Come to Broadview Florist and Greenhouses. You’ll be wowed by their glorious beds of vivid annuals and perennials, as well as, the colorful explosion of blooms and foliage from their tropical plants.

Spring is the busiest time for Doug and Sandy Hackbarth, owners of Broadview Florist and Greenhouses, Inc.

Broadview Florist and Greenhouses, Inc., 5409 Winchester Road has served Waynedale and the Fort Wayne area since 1919.

Broadview started out as a farm that raised cows, pigs and chickens, as well as, many types of vegetables that were delivered and sold in the downtown markets on Barr Street in Fort Wayne. Carl Schweppe was President and Fred Meyer, Secretary and Treasurer. A bill of laden from August 24, 1935, sold to Mr. Otto Hans, displayed a bride’s bouquet costing $4 and corsages 70 cents.

Later Broadview became producers of cut-flowers and was one of the largest growers around. In 1950 Hoadly Dominy took over the floral business.

The Hackbarth family purchased Broadview Florist in 1957, only the third owners of Broadview and still operates a thriving floral and greenhouse business. With the invention and distribution of plastics in the 60s and 70s, Broadview became a large grower of potted plants allowing the general public the opportunity to buy and easily carry their plants home. Today, 86 years later, the store remains at the same location on the southside of Fort Wayne.

Doug Hackbarth, current President and a hands-on grower since 1971 (34 years) has his own question and answer radio program on WGL 1450am, Talk Radio. Doug has been on the radio for 15 years, as well as, 14 years combined TV growing tips on WPTA with Jay Walker, Jane Hersha and Jack Mauer, and on WANE TV with Lee Kelso. For two years Doug was voted Indiana’s grower of the year and Northeastern Indiana Flower Grower President for 6 consecutive years.

Doug Hackbarth has been married to his wife Sandy for 32 years. Their daughter, Heather and son, Travis and mother-in-law, Lois all work at Broadview that truly makes this a family run business. Robert Hackbarth Sr., Doug’s retired father lives in Phoenix, Arizona but still flies into Fort Wayne at least three times a year to work during the major holidays. Doug is also a pilot and was a professional musician for 15 years.

So whether you’re looking to give your garden a makeover or a complete facelift this season, chances are this is the professional that can help your dreams come true.

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