Your Opinion Matters


Every week, as Wayne Township Trustee, I try to provide you with an insider’s view of local grassroots government. I have discussed our Workfare Program that requires recipients to perform community service for the assistance they receive. I’ve also shared the details of our Payee Program, which budgets the federal money given to clients reducing and/or eliminating their need for local tax dollars. I have described our community partnerships, our ministerial outreach and our summer computer camp for inner-city kids.

There is, however, one very important area of township government I have yet to address in this column – “your opinion”. Today’s Township Trustee has to be an accountant, a social worker, a diplomat and an attorney. We are obligated to two separate (and often conflicting) entities; the clients we serve and the taxpayers who finance us. I think it is imperative to have opinions from both sides.

Currently Wayne Township utilizes a survey completed by our clients to provide a picture of the level of courtesy encountered in our office. It is my firm belief that citizens who apply for public assistance are already feeling the weight of their financial situations. The last thing they need is to be demeaned during the time they are so vulnerable. We strive to ensure that all are treated with dignity when they contact this office. Many of our current policies have come from surveying clients on how to improve our services and our intake procedure has been greatly modified over the years at the request of our clients.

The Township has a system where clients apply on specific days according to the letter of their last name. This system was designed to keep clients from waiting in long lines outside of our building or waiting in our office for hours before requesting and/or receiving aid. We have also counseled with other agencies to find ways to cut down on client “run around” when being referred from other agencies and helping victims of domestic violence to reach safe destinations.

After finding success through listening, I would like to extend that option to the general public. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve our citizens, we would greatly appreciate the benefit of your thoughts and knowledge. If you have comments (positive or negative) regarding the township, please post them on our website at You may also contact me directly by calling 449-7000, ext 328. Feel free to tell me what you think about the job I’m doing to represent you. I welcome your input and I thank you for the chance to serve as your trustee. I will never take my position for granted and I hope that you will convey your thoughts and encourage others to do the same…

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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