For several years we’ve had what was basically an unforceable truck ordinance in Fort Wayne. Finally there was general agreement that the ordinance needed to be updated so truckers, police officers, and all citizens are aware which roads and streets are legal truck routes and which aren’t. Since last year an ad hoc committee has been working on a new ordinance. Any citizen who wishes to have input regarding this matter can do so at the Southwest Area Partnership meeting at Study School at 7 pm, Wednesday, March 16th.

A few citizens in the Waynedale area have recently expressed concern regarding safety procedures at the South West Conservation Club gun range. As I understand it the SWCC was active long before there was much development in the area. Last month District Police Chief Doug Lucker and I met with SWCC management at the site. A representative of the DNR was also present. The Conservation Club has updated its safety procedures and plans to reinforce and elevate the gun range backstop as well. The FWPD and DNR representatives believe that the Conservation Club gun range is currently practicing good safety procedures and that planned upgrades should enhance the level of safety.

In case you haven’t heard, Verizon is making a major investment in Fort Wayne telecommunications through its $65 million FTTP (fiber to the premises) program which will add high speed fiber-optic connections to 70,000 homes and businesses during the coming months. This program will create 900 new jobs, 200 of which will be permanent. There will be some temporary disruptions of traffic and other inconveniences but FTTP will be a major communications advance for our area! Thanks to Verizon for your investment in Fort Wayne!


Two neighborhood items to remember:

2006 neighborhood CEDIT project requests are due in the office of City Council Research Assistant Molly McCray in mid-March. Let your neighborhood leaders know about any projects you think are important for your area.

Fort Wayne’s spring cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 21st. If you’re interested in participating, contact your neighborhood leaders (who have received a letter regarding this project), and sign up to volunteer. There will be a community party at Freimann Square after the cleanup has been completed on the 21st!

Special kudos to State Senator David Long for his rational, balanced approach regarding the upcoming annexation of the Aboite area which was recently debated once again in the statehouse. He was a fine City Councilman for this area and he’s also done an excellent job in Indy.

Call or email me with any questions or suggestions regarding how we can make our city a better place to live!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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