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In 1962, Waynedale residents Ronald May and Carl McOmber built a house at 6210 Donna Drive for their father, Forest May. Forest, was one of the very early Waynedale settlers. He was the owner and originator of May Property Rentals (Waynedale Village Apartments), and was the brother of William May, owner of May Sand & Gravel Company (Hanson Aggregates). Forrest passed away before moving into the new house and it was sold to Paul and Dorothy Bunsold.

Paul and Dorothy took possession of their new home on May 1, 1963. Part of the landscaping for the new home included a small pine tree that sat adjacent to the attached garage.

Paul said, “The kids used to build ramps and jump over that pine tree with their bicycles. As the tree got bigger, we would decorate it every year for Christmas. After awhile it became too big for us to decorate, but to us it was always our Christmas tree.”

Now, forty-two years later, after reading an article in one of the newspapers, Paul called Wells Fargo Bank and told him about his tree. The Bunsold Christmas Tree has been chosen to be “The Christmas Tree” the entire city of Fort Wayne will enjoy.

Mudrack Tree Service removed the tree from the Paul Bunsold residence on Monday, November 15, 2004. From there it went to Young’s Greenhouse at 4131 N. Clinton where Martin Inc. suspended it for decorating. Thursday and Friday, November 18 & 19 lights will be placed. On Saturday, November 20 Martin will transport the tree, accompanied by a police escort to Wells Fargo Bank crosswalk, at the corner of Wayne and Calhoun Streets. Ornaments and garland will be applied along with tree decorations; 150 strands of lights, 200 ornaments, 400 feet of garland and a star for the top. The decorating will be completed by noon with a lighting test to be done by Hamilton Electric.

Final lighting takes place Wednesday, November 24 at approximately 6:45PM. (After the performance of the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir and the Santa and reindeer lighting at 6:30pm).

Young’s will make a wreath from the boughs of the tree to present to the Paul Bunsold Family during the Christmas Tree Lighting.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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