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A view of Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1929.
A view of Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1929.
Mount Calvary was originally established as a Sunday School mission to the Waynedale area by Emmaus Lutheran Church. By the late 1920’s the mission had grown into a congregation and started construction of a permanent facility on Lower Huntington Road just west of Bluffton Road. Reverend Herman H. Backs was called to be the first resident pastor of the congregation, and the building was dedicated to the glory of God in 1929.

In the fall of 1929, Mount Calvary Lutheran School opened its doors for the first time, with Pastor Backs as Principal/Teacher. Within a year, the congregation had a full-time principal/teacher added to its ministry staff. Because of the additional help, Pastor Backs developed another mission field in the Southwest Fort Wayne area (this was known for a time as Salem Lutheran Church.)

By 1955, the congregation had outgrown the chapel and school buildings (which were white framed buildings located behind the red brick structure for many years) so a new building was erected for the school and the chapel area was also expanded. In the early 1970’s Pastor Backs retired and a call was extended to Reverend Arthur Zschiegner to become head pastor. Pastor Zschiegner served until 1980 when he became affiliated with Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Company. Reverend John Struve then served the congregation until 1985. When Reverend Gerald Hartke became head pastor in 1996. David Easterday joined the congregation as a Vicar and later was called as an assistant pastor. In 1999 Doug Reynolds was welcomed to Mount Calvary as Family Life and Music Minister, and in 2000, Reverend David Adams answered the call to serve as Youth Minister. Reverend Gary Miller became head pastor of the church in 2002.

In 1990 the congregation again realized its growth was pushing it into a relocation and building program. This came into reality with ground breaking in 1995, and the construction of a new 29,000 square feet facility in 1996. This facility included the sanctuary, preschool rooms, kitchen, offices and other classrooms and was dedicated to the glory of God. A Family Life Center which includes a gym and youth rooms was added in 2001, and also dedicated to the glory of God.



The congregation’s vision: To celebrate the love of Jesus as we gather at the foot of the cross of Calvary to experience the power and presence of our Savior in Word and Sacrament.

To grow in our relationship with Jesus as we join together in Bible study for all ages and peoples.

To share the love of Jesus as we serve one another through ministries for our church and our community.

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