The other day I picked up a Sports Album Magazine. This was produced by Dell, and the cost was 25 cents.

This publication had 98 pages with front cover heading, ‘Exciting Photos and Features on More than 200 Sports Personalities.’ This was the May-July, 1949 Vol. 1, Number 4 issue. And had Lou Boudreau and Joe Gorden on the front page.

Since Cleveland won everything in 1948, four pages were written about this team. Boudreau hit .355 that year, second to Ted Williams .369. There were many baseball pictures which include the 1937 Yankee infield: Gerig, Gosett, Lazzeri , and Rolfe.

Along came eight pages titled ‘Second Year Test’, which had stories and pictures of Larry Doby, Roy Campanella, Vern Buckford, Richie Asburn, Whitey Lockman, Billy Pierce, and Bill Goodman.

Page 32 started listing of Minor League sensations; Gene Woodling, Dan Newcomb and Joe Ginsberg.

After 37 pages of baseball then came Boxing, Tennis, golf, Swimming, Diving, Track and Roller Skating.

Page 70 started with basketball, including pictures, which brought memories: Ralph Hamilton, Buddy Jennette, Ed Sadowski and Andy Phillips. Football followed with the back, inside cover of Willie Pep. On the front inside cover was a picture of Johnny Sain.

I forgot to mention pages 16-19 with ‘Can They Come Back’ with stories and pictures about Pete Reisen, Dick Wakefield, Ewell Blackwell, Hank Borowy, Joe Page, Tex Hughson and Mort Cooper.

Do we now see a 98 page publication with stories and 200 pictures? They don’t make them like they used to. To me that’s a fact, not an opinion.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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