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Waynedale’s parade will proceed down Old Trail Road with Colors and Units from American Legion Post 241, AMVets Post 33, VFW Post 1421 and the 40@8 locomotive to follow. There will be clowns, clowns, and more clowns, antique cars and trucks, fire engines, dogs, cats, horses and bikes. The parade ends at the Prairie Grove Cemetery.

A ceremony to honor all soldiers follows at the cemetery. The Master of Ceremony for Waynedale’s 2004 Memorial Day will be Ron Kizer.

Ron was born in Fort Wayne on June 24, 1948 and is past American Legion 4th District Commander. He served in the Navy between 1967-74 on the USS Kitty Hawk.

The Kitty Hawk is currently the Navy’s only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier. Kitty Hawk was commissioned at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard April 29, 1961. It has participated in operations around international hotspots, such as Vietnam, Korea, the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, Afghanistan and most recently, the war in Iraq. Ron was an Electrical Technician, specializing in crypto (encoded messages). He lives in Auburn, Indiana where he is an administrator for the Auburn Moose Lodge.

National Anthem and Taps will be played by the Elmhurst High School Band with the spectacular release of 11 doves from Whispering Wings also a part of this year’s military ceremony.

The ceremonial “white dove” release will be to remember all military past and present. Ten doves will be released first. And then the eleventh dove will be released after the flock circles once. The last dove released represents the spirit of the departed, all men and women who have served our country and brought us our freedom yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Waynedale Daze will be held at The Southwest Conservation Club following the parade. Fun, food, fishing, games and karaoke for kids of all ages.

Come celebrate with us on Memorial Day! The people who live in Waynedale are proud of their community—-they really put their heart into it.

Come enjoy the best parade around!

“This year’s Memorial Day Parade is expected to be bigger and better than ever!” said Charlie Rathsack, Parade Host and Commander of the American Legion Post 241. The parade will be held on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st. Anyone wishing to participate in the parade is asked to lineup at 8am at the corner of Old Trail Road and Church Street at the Waynedale United Methodist Church parking lot. The parade will begin at 9am.

Charlie Walter is the Grand Marshall for this year’s Waynedale Memorial Day Parade. Charlie was born July 31, 1922. He served in the military, in the 12th Armored Division of the U.S. Army. He did his basic training at Fort Campbell after receiving one of Uncle Sam’s famous letters that began with the words “Greetings, from the Government of the United States of America.”

Charlie shipped out of New Jersey and traveled to England for a month before leaving for France. He spent the remainder of World War II in France and Germany and returned home in February of 1946.

He married his lovely wife Justin on September 27, 1949. Charlie and Justin have five boys and two girls. They have been blessed with 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Charlie worked for thirty-four years for the K-Mart Distribution Center and retired in 1987. He has since worked part time at Orchard Ridge Country Club and at American Legion Post 241.

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