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The circular window on the north side of St. Therese’s Catholic Church, Lower Huntington Road, is now complete. It was installed beginning last week, Thursday, April 1 by The Lynchburg Stained Glass Company from Virginia.

The new stained glass window is above the Baptismal Font and contains an image of the Holy Trinity. The hands of God the Father are shown sending us God the Son depicted by the cross. And from the heart of Jesus Christ flows the saving stream of His living blood and water into the font of eternal life below to wash away sins. Through Baptism, we His Church, come into being with new life in Christ.

Proceeding from the Father and the Son is God the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, strengthening us to bear witness to our faith before all humanity.

Lynchburg Stained Glass Company is a family-owned studio located in the heart of central Virginia. Established in 1983 by Robert, Mark and Jeff Speake, Lynchburg Stained Glass specializes in custom designed and fabricated stained glass windows for churches. LSG has about 25 craftsmen and artist producing quality stained glass windows using the same traditional time-proven methods employed by old-world craftsmen hundreds of years ago. Rich Buswell, who has been with Lynchburg Stained Glass for over 17 years, is the designer and artist who developed the window designs for St. Therese Catholic Church.

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