Attention Waynedalers:

An Apology is in Order


We may be a small town, bi-weekly newspaper but we try to do our jobs as professionally as possible. We don’t always catch every misspelled word, mistake, or misquote but we try our best to bring you the news and be as accurate as we can be. What am I getting at? I’m referring to the ‘Letter To The Editor’, from Mrs. “S” on page S7 in our January 7, 2004 issue of The Waynedale News.

She said that we owe the members of St. Therese Catholic Church and the Waynedale Community an apology and that it was very disrespectful to slander the visible head of the Catholic Church in such a manner and that we should be ashamed. The subject of the letter was Mrs. Wayne A. Dale’s reference to the tail end of a turkey as the “Pope’s Nose” in her December 10, 2003 column “Hometown Views”.

We apologize for her inadequate knowledge and we apologize mostly for not catching this blatant error when we proofread her column. Page #1018 of our 1958 Edition (Complete & Unabridged) – The Little & Ives Webster Dictionary and Home Reference Library says a Pope’s nose is, ” . . . the tail end of a cooked goose or duck,” not a turkey.

Also we found that the word ‘pope’ can mean papa, father, bishop, the Bishop of Rome, the head and spiritual father of the Roman Catholic Church, a parish priest of the Orthodox Greek Church in Russia, and a place or spot on the front part of the thigh where a blow is especially painful and disabling. The dictionary goes on to say that, ” . . . a Pope’s head is a long-handled feathered brush for brushing ceilings and the word ‘pope’ also means, “One who assumes to speak with supreme authority and claims infallibility.”

Mrs. Wayne Dale has been notified of the inaccuracy in her column and she sends her deep regrets for the terrible misunderstanding of the actual meaning of what a “Pope’s nose” is.

The Waynedale News Staff

Ray McCune

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