Wayne Township of Allen County is one of our States largest Townships in terms of residents. We are now third largest in terms of Township Assistance due to our struggling local economy. Over the last four years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of requests for Township Assistance. Over 12,000 families in need requested our services this past year and we were heart struck by their pain and suffering.

Township Trustee’s pride themselves in being one branch of government that is proactive to the needs of its citizens. Over the last four years we were able to build up a substantial cash reserve by coming in under budget without having to raise our budget to accomplish it. This stewardship of your tax resources will prove to be invaluable this year, as at the end of June, Wayne Township had a staggering 10,170 families seeking assistance. Our hearts are with them; our office is here to serve them.

With most great relationships there is usually a silent partner that is equally as important in the making of success. One of the unsung heroes of the Wayne Township Office is the Accounting Department. The main responsibility for this department is to process all purchase orders for poor relief receipts and generate checks for vendors that includes administrative claims. The accounting department is also responsible for maintaining personnel files and employment applications. Other duties include monthly finance reports, processing employee’s insurance claims and payroll.

Besides performing everyday duties they are always, along with other departments, striving to make a better work environment and to be better able to assist the employees and to serve the clients. The Accounting department is able to serve clients directly through our Payee Program. With similar increase in the number of payees to direct assistance requests, the accounting departments workload has almost doubled as well.

To be better informed and to ensure that we are current with employee laws and are in compliance, we attend training seminars, conferences, and obtain information from other government entities. This effort has lead to all of the savings in supportive departments to be utilized for direct assistance.

That is just another way we continue to work for you, our tax paying citizens of Wayne Township, and honor our mission, ” Guardian of the Taxpayers and Advocate of the Poor.”

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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