Here at Wayne Township we have many different departments and all of them are responsible for some essential task. Our Workfare department has a number of varied functions, including the safety of the staff during emergency situations, building maintenance, home inspections for our clients and direction of our manpower utilization crews. The Wayne Township Workfare Department is gearing up for another busy season. Workfare is just one of the departments that always strives to expand its services.

Able-bodied (and unemployed), township clients who are granted assistance are required to perform community service for local social service agencies. Besides fulfilling a legal requirement, workfare also provides on the job training and can lead to permanent employment. Workfare also offers an avenue for recipients to give back to the community by providing labor to area non-profit agencies. The Workfare department determines each client’s abilities and then assigns them to the agency where they can be of most use.

Our Workfare staff also is also involved with many other projects inside our own building and on our property. Some of the projects undertaken are the addition of curbing, office expansions, installing new flooring in the restrooms and the building of a storage shed for our lawn care equipment. The Workfare department is also responsible for the daily maintenance requirements of the building.

In recent years this department also provided lawn care services for the elderly, or physically disabled through their neighborhood associations. This service prevents those individuals from being cited by local code enforcement for unkempt lawns and having to concern themselves with how they are going to pay for the fine.

We are proud of the accomplishments of this department and we recognize its impact on our community. Last year manpower utilization crews saved local agencies over $75,000 and this year we are already ahead of the frantic pace of 2002.

The workfare department is another impeccable example of our mission statement in action: guardian of the taxpayer, and advocate of the poor.

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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