There are a lot of summer outdoor activities going on right here in the Waynedale area or ‘just down the road’ as it were. Fox Island is located at 7324 Yohne Road. You can fish, picnic, swim, bird watch, hike, or join in some of the other Fox Island summer activities this summer. For instance:


EDIBLE INSECTS – That’s right, eat bugs at Fox Island County Park on July 13 from 12noon to 1:30pm. Bring your appetite, or for those with a weak stomach but like to watch others try something new and exciting, come on out. There will be a full course meal being prepared. You will make exiting discoveries about the science of entomophagy. You will learn about facts vs. fiction, history and cultural uses, nutritional value, and which ones are edible. We are the only continent in the world that doesn’t use insects as a staple in our diet. So come join the fun at one of our most popular programs. But call ahead, because seating is limited. The cost is $2 per person. Reservations are required.


KID’S ART IN THE PARK – Join a real live artist to learn about the nature of Fox Island and do an art project. Children of all ages are invited to come to the Bird Observation Building any time from June 19th to August 21st – 12noon to 3pm each Wednesday throughout the summer. They will receive instruction and materials to complete a natural art project/ Adults will be charged the regular $2 park entry fee, and participating children will be $3.


ICE CREAM SOCIAL – Come to Fox Island County Park on Sunday, July 7 from 1pm to 3pm to attend our ice cream social. The ice cream is FREE, but donations will be accepted to benefit our volunteer program. Entertainment will be provided on the Veranda. The program will be held at the Fox Island Nature Center.


TAI CHI CHUAN – Often referred to as moving meditation, Tai Chi Chuan has been known to improve flexibility, balance, increase circulation, and promote mental tranquility. It has also been known to help arthritis and rheumatism. Students will learn a 12 movement Sun (soong) style form as well as Qiqong breathing exercises for relaxation. This class is very safe for any level and doesn’t require any previous Tai Chi experience. Come to Fox Island with instructor Robert Shenfeld who has taught martial arts since 1975, to learn this form of “moving Meditation” every Thursday from June 20 to August 1 – 6pm to 7pm. The cost is $35 for the series.


NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY AND FOLKLORE – Come join naturalist Judd Edwards for an exciting program on Native American History and Folklore. Judd will discuss indigenous tribes and their spiritual beliefs, religion, folklore, history, and demographics. You will learn about the wars and treaties, natural foods, and medicines. You will view native artifacts and learn about their uses. The program is on July 16th from 9am to 11am at the Fox Island Nature Center. The cost is $2 per person. Reservations are required.


PRE-K PROGRAM “LIFE AT THE WATER’S EDGE” – This program will be held July 18th from 10am to 11am and from 1pm to 2pm. The cost is $3. Learn about fascinating animal life in and around the water’s edge. Join naturalist Christian Schult in story telling and adventures around the nature center. There will be a snack and drink included for the children. Don’t forget to dress according to the weather. Bug spray is often a good idea in the summer months. Please RSVP. For more information, to make reservations when required, or to RSVP please call the park at 449-3180. Tell them you read about their activities in THE WAYNEDALE NEWS.


1+1+1=2 Formula for a good summer:

1 bamboo fishin’ pole (complete with hook, line, sinker, & bobber) + 1 inexpensive can of bee moths + 1 eager kid = 1 kid that is not doing drugs or ‘hangin out’ at the mall and 1 father or mother that is learning an art of communication with their offspring that is not taught in any psychology book anywhere.

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