In 1985, Calvary United Methodist Church, 6301 Winchester Road began an annual tradition, THE LIVE NATIVITY. We have grown each year with more costumes, scenes, animals, lighting, and a new star. Local artist Doni Adams painted a new beautiful angel and I painted the background scene of Bethlehem. Last year we attempted to add the angel, along with the background of Bethlehem, but bad weather came and we were unable to have our LIVE NATIVITY. I felt afterwards maybe God wanted the angel to be our messenger of what is to come, telling us of the coming of Our Lord Jesus.

Everyone in the congregation pitches in to help with THE LIVE NATIVITY for 3 nights before Christmas – December 22, 23, 24 from 6pm to 8pm. We have a great time doing it and enjoy it more when we have masses of cars drive through. Each year we put it in His hands. We pray this year we can bring this to you once again. Please come see our interpretation of the most wonderful gift of all, the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus. Please come to see us at the church, corner of Winchester Road and the Airport Expressway (Baerfield Thruway). Turn into our driveway and the lighted candles will lead you through THE LIVE NATIVITY. And it is FREE.

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