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Jamie Reitenour (R) – Indiana Governor Candidate

Born to military parents and raised in a military family, I moved often during my childhood. I attended college on a scholarship and participated in team sports. I graduated from what is now Missouri State University in 2001 with a degree in psychology and a minor in communications.

I began my career at Windsor Capital Mortgage, the second-largest real estate broker in California. Blessed with favor, I was promoted to run compliance for the company within five years. In 2006, I decided to leave corporate America to devote my talents and efforts to ministry, serving as an athletic director at Calvary Christian School in Vista, California. I organized successful fundraisers and assisted the school in achieving academic accreditation. Over the past two decades, I have continued volunteering in various women’s, student, and worship ministries. During that time, I also held an executive assistant position with an engineering firm for four years and established a wonderful family with my husband.

I am married to Nathan Reitenour, a mechanical professional engineer. Nathan’s career led us to live in Michigan, Illinois, and Michigan again before we felt called by the Lord to move to Indianapolis, Indiana, which we now call home. For the past several years, I have boldly represented myself and my family, pro se, in a civil case regarding the harmful non-disclosure of problems during our neighborhood’s construction.

Nathan and I are the proud parents of five young children, who are part of Indiana’s growing and thriving homeschool community.

I enthusiastically follow God’s calling on my life, and the Indiana Goodness Gubernatorial campaign is my latest example of walking in that calling. I have demonstrated a “can-do” mentality throughout every role I have played in life. I will serve my fellow citizens of Indiana with the same refreshing energy. I bring a love for people, a passion for conservative values, and an unwavering defense of the Constitution to my first ever political endeavor. As Governor of Indiana, I wholeheartedly believe that our state will shine like a City on a hill, through the goodness of its people. I, and every person who joins me, believe in Indiana Goodness!

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Jamie Reitenour

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