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Citizen-Match Tree Program

Applications are again accepted online or by mail for the annual Citizen-match residential street tree planting program. City of Fort Wayne residents may apply for a street tree to be planted in the street right of way (between the street and the property line) at a discounted rate of $50 after the application has been reviewed and the site has been approved.

Trees will have a 1 to 1.5-inch diameter trunk and stand six to 10 feet in height. The price includes planting the tree in the park strip between the street and the property line as well as oversight by the City Arborist. This oversight doesn’t stop after the tree is planted. The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Forestry Team is responsible for maintaining the publicly-owned urban canopy comprised of approximately 50,000 street trees along nearly 1300 miles of roadway as well as 20,000 trees found within its 89 parks.

In order to achieve the best outcomes, the application provides clear instructions for tree placement within the public park strip along the street. Citizen-match trees may not be planted on private property. If someone is concerned about the price, they can check the fee waiver option which is based on household size and income. Trees will be planted in the fall between October 1 and December 31.

There are many reasons to plant trees. Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Superintendent of Forestry Operations Derek Veit says, “Most of us are aware of the environmental benefits that trees offer (cleaner air, filtered water, reduction of erosion, sequestration of carbon)—very few people are aware of the community health and well-being benefits. Simply put, trees make cities more livable.”

To participate, residents can fill out an application found online by July 1, 2024. People can also call 260-427-6400 or stop by the Lawton Park office to pick up and submit a paper copy.

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