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National “Slam the Scam Day” & Warning Hoosiers To Be Vigilant

Secretary of State Diego Morales recently recognized “Slam the Scam Day” on March 7, 2024, to help raise awareness and prevent scammers from stealing your money or identity.

National Slam the Scam Day is an initiative to raise public awareness and educate Hoosiers to be on the lookout for fake calls, texts, emails, unsolicited messages on social media, or unsecured internet websites.

The week also marked National Consumer Protection Week, which took place from March 3-9.

Scammers are counting on consumers falling for deceptive tactics, putting, their assets and identities at risk. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes common scam warning signs and before their devices are hacked, financial accounts exposed, and money is gone.

“Consumer awareness is the most effective method of deterring these crimes. Informing Hoosiers about scammers and their deceptive practices remains a priority for my office. We want to promote National Slam the Scam Day and continue to use every tool at our disposal to help protect Hoosier consumers from these bad actors,” said Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State.

Hoosiers should learn how to spot scams, identify red flags, and report suspicious activity. If you receive an unusual, unexpected, urgent, or suspicious phone call, text message or email:

  • Stop and think: is the message odd, unexpected, too good to be true, or highly urgent?
  • Do you really know who is on the other end of the message? Always verify.
  • Always think and check before clicking a link. Your ID and money may be stolen.
  • Don’t respond to unverified, urgent requests for money or personal information.
  • Ignore, delete, and report potential scams.

If you ever question the legitimacy of a message you’ve received: ask questions, do your homework, and contact the Indiana Securities Division at 317-232-6681 for more information.

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