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National Quilting Day 2024 ~ Around The Frame

On March 16, the third Saturday of March, quilters will once again be celebrating their special day.

The National Quilt Alliance has partnered with the National Quilt Museum to draw attention to this special day with special signage and activities.

One activity is to gift the first child born on that day a Birth Day quilt! You will want to contact your hospital and make the arrangement in advance. The quilt should be non-gender or perhaps create two to honor the first boy and girl babes. The hospital may allow you to meet the parents, or you may be asked to simply drop them off. Hospitals may have different policies, restrictions, and privacy laws so be willing to be flexible.

Celebrate National Quilting Day March 16 by displaying a quilt outside or from a window.

For some quilt guilds and individuals, National Quilting Day as seen as a day of service. Making blankies for traumatized children or Project Linus, making touch quilts for people with Alzheimers, teaching new quilters or sharing a new technique you have perfected.

You will want everyone to know that your home is a quilter’s home by hanging a quilt outside or be visible from a window.

Perhaps National Quilting Day is the day you replace those missing stitches in a vintage quilt or reorganize your quilting space to make it more sufficient.

For me, the most important thing I do on this day is remember the hands who made my family quilts. I want to make certain my son and his family know their patterns and makers. One day, they will become their custodians. When they touch them, they will know the love, patience, and time that went into making them and about the womenfolk behind them.

Born Again Quilts will be celebrating with free remnants, discounts, and a quilt in the window!

Many of you are aware of my studio/shop on South Wayne Ave. but may not be aware of my Etsy Shop. My online shop opened in March 2011. I didn’t have my first sale until May and sold only seven listings that year. I persevered and learned many tricks to make my listings more visible. Today I have 300 active listings, and over 1400 sales in 13 countries! Now, sales don’t mean I’ve sold 1400 items, I’ve sold many more. Just like “Insurance lady Flo,” This “Lo” loves to bundle! Why sell one quilt pattern when I can sell 6-8 of the same theme or designer? Why pay $5 for one pattern and another $4 to ship it when 8 will fit in the USPS padded flat rate envelope and ship across the country at $1.33 each? Now my only challenge is finding space for all 300 listings so I can readily find them and ship them quickly. I guess that will be my post-National Quilting Day project!

Lois Levihn is the owner of Born Again Quilts. If you have a textile story to share, contact her at 260-515-9446 or bornagainquilts@frontier.com. To view her Etsy shop: bornagainquilts.etsy.com

Lois Levihn

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