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Family Crafting In December ~ Around The Frame

December is that magical month of the year when many cultures and religions celebrate the darkest time of the year and the beginning of the return to light. This is a great time to involve children in preparing for their traditions and to learn and appreciate the meanings behind them.

I’ve had customers come in and reminisce about the days of Stiffler’s Hardware remembering where the model car kits were located and come December the aisle space reserved for kids to go shopping for inexpensive presents for their family and friends.

Holiday Cut n’ Sew panels make for quick holiday gifts!

When I learned needlecraft skills, I started making presents for people. My maternal grandmother ended up with a stuffed toy camel, friends were gifted with felt ornaments, lightly stuffed, with gold hangers with “Joy” and “Love” embroidered on them.

I had a wonderful friend, the late Kathleen Hoffmann, who was also crafty and a Girl Scout leader. She purchased ceramic ornaments for the scouts to paint and invited me to paint one too. What a mess! A kindergartner could have done a better job. I remember her telling me that I should give up on painting, but I could embroider ornaments for her tree anytime!

There are many simple crafts that the family can enjoy making together. A glue gun can do wonders. Try taking three of the same color craft “popsicle” sticks found at craft stores. Make a triangle out of them and hot glue the “tree” together. Take chenille stems in a color that contrasts with the tree and wrap it around the triangle leaving space to add pom-poms or colorful sequins between the wraps. A variation would be to take the chenille stem and glue it from side to side of the triangle so it “wraps” the tree. Many craft stores also sell small wooden shapes. You could use a star to glue up top along with a cord to hang it. A beautiful old button could work just as well. shorturl.at/ftxHL

Making salt dough ornaments can also be a fun family project. Making handprints of the kiddos each year as a treasured memory of their childhood years. For an easy recipe and kid’s projects go to: shorturl.at/hsMR2

If you are a sewing enthusiast with little time to spare, check out Cut n’ Sew projects also available at craft stores. These panels are complete with the design instructions, supply lists, and diagrams all imprinted on the panel. There are panels for holiday placemats, aprons, wall hangings, vests, advent calendars and toys.

Most can be cut and sewn in an hour. Little effort: great results!

Now felt is a crafter’s friend since it doesn’t fray. If you are looking for felt to make bookmarks, ornaments etc., Born Again Quilts has smaller pieces in red, green, white, and pink you can come by and pick up on a Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. for FREE. I encourage my readers to make something from their heart this joyous holiday season!

Until I see you in the New Year!

Lois Levihn is the owner of Born Again Quilts. If you have a textile story to share, contact her at bornagainquilts@frontier.com or 260-515-9446.

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