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QR Code Coaster Campaign Highlights Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne is proud to announce the launch of an innovative QR code coaster campaign aimed at connecting survivors of gender-based violence to essential resources. This campaign coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness Month and involves 40 local bars and restaurants across Allen County. These establishments are collaborating to raise awareness and support for those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

The QR code coaster campaign is a groundbreaking initiative that leverages the convenience of QR code technology to provide immediate access to critical resources for survivors. Each coaster carries a QR code linked to the resource page at, where individuals can find information, assistance, and guidance tailored to their specific needs. Last year, the Women’s Fund conducted a QR code sticker campaign for the launch of No Matter What that resulted in 1,000 stickers being placed in restrooms in 140 locations across the county.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month, observed every October, serves as a critical reminder of the prevalence and impact of domestic violence in our community, where one in three women experience domestic violence according to the Women’s Fund’s 2020 Allen County Women & Girls Study. The month highlights the urgent need for support, resources, and education to combat this pervasive issue. The Women’s Fund is committed to addressing this challenge by partnering with local businesses to make a chance as well as our local court system to provide more robust support for survivors and accountability for perpetrators.

“The QR code coaster campaign is a creative and effective way to engage our community in the fight against gender-based violence. Not only do we need increased access to resources, we need to continue education about consent, healthy relationships, and safe sex,” said Cassie Beer, Director of the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne. “By placing these coasters in local bars and restaurants, we are not only raising awareness but also providing survivors with immediate access to vital assistance. Our goal is to ensure that survivors know that what has happened to them is not their fault, that they are not alone, and that help is always available.”

Throughout the month of October, patrons of participating establishments can simply scan the QR code on the coasters with their smartphones to access the resource page. This page offers a wide range of resources, including crisis hotlines, counseling services, legal support, and information on local shelters.

The Women’s Fund encourages everyone to get involved in this campaign by visiting one of the participating bars or restaurants, scanning the QR code coasters, and spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #NoMatterWhatFW.

The Women’s Fund is grateful to the Leadership Fort Wayne Class of 2023 at Greater Fort Wayne, INC for supporting this initiative alongside the Women’s Fund Personal Safety Committee chaired by Stephen J. Bailey. The Women’s Fund would also like to thank One Lucky Guitar for the design of both the coasters and the No Matter What site, as well as the Mayor’s Commission on Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Rape for sponsoring the campaign.

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