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Mammography Night To Celebrate Women’s Health

A special event celebrating women’s health is being sponsored by Adams Memorial Hospital on Monday, October 23rd as the AMH Radiology Department will be offering “Mammography Night.”

Trisha Tester, Radiology Technical Lead said the event features a 3-D screening mammogram and is tailored for women who have not had a mammogram in the past three years or who have not had a previous one done at Adams Memorial Hospital. Refreshments, gifts, and free back massages will also be offered by Deb Barron to those attending, allowing ladies to enjoy the night in a relaxed setting.

Hours for the “Mammography Night” will be from 4pm-7:30 p.m. and the cost of the mammogram will be filed with the individual’s insurance plan. The Radiology Department also noted that since AMH has received a grant from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Grant, individuals who qualify financially as well as not having one done in the past at AMH would receive the test at no cost.

All mammograms done will be interpreted by board-certified radiologists from Summit Radiology in Fort Wayne using the latest in digital technology. To schedule a mammogram for the October 23rd event, women should call the AMH Central Scheduling department at 260-724-2145 x11047.

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