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Potential Location Announced For New Allen Co. Jail

The Allen County Board of Commissioners has selected a potential property for the location of a new county jail and will review and potentially approve a purchase agreement to be submitted to the property owner soon. The decision on a property for a new county jail was shared at the most recent Commissioners’ Legislative Session.

The property is located at 2911 Meyer Road within the former International Harvester campus in central Allen County. The property was the highest ranked and best scoring against an objective, rigorous matrix used by the Commissioners and their architecture partner Elevatus to analyze potential locations throughout Allen County.

“We believe this site is the best solution for the community as a whole and resolves the community concerns we encountered during this process,” explained Allen County Commissioner, Nelson Peters, “This site selection is the result of an incredibly intensive, thorough process, that had to take place in a very tight timeline.”

In addition to allowing for the development of a new jail, this location opens up the possibility of creating a county campus that brings a number of departments and services to one location, a significant step in the Commissioners consolidating the county’s building footprint while increasing its operational efficiency.

After coming to terms with the property owner on a purchase agreement, the Commissioners will need the approval of Allen County Council to purchase the property and of the Fort Wayne Board of Zoning Appeals.

Detailed scoring of the potential sites mentioned in today’s architect presentation can be found in the “Future of Allen County Jail” section on the county’s website at www.allencounty.us/update

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