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If you’re looking for an excellent choice to wet your whistle, you should try the water produced by the Three Rivers Filtration Plant. At its annual conference this week, the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water chose Fort Wayne as the best-tasting water in the State.

It’s the second time Fort Wayne has won the award in the past four years, along with four regional wins and recognition in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition.

Winning this honor will now enter Fort Wayne City Utilities’ water into the “Great American Water Taste Test” national competition in Washington, DC, in February of 2023.

Judges at the Indiana Alliance event evaluate clarity, odor, and taste to determine yearly awards.

The organization organizes the event to emphasize the importance of providing residents of Indiana with high-quality water that meets regulatory standards and tastes great.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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