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Local Girl Scout Completes Climate Challenge

Local Girl Scout Evah, of Junior Troop 54105, recently put final touches on her challenge project. The Girl Scout Climate Challenge is a new initiative, with the support of the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, focusing on our climate and includes the requirement to complete at least 10 of the suggested activities, specifically connected to this topic. Our climate is changing and earning this badge required a deep dive into the science behind the data needed to understand climate change, connecting with the community, and ultimately sharing hope through the research, planning and announcement of a challenge project.

Evah found that climate change has a profound effect on the Earth’s weather. And this has impacted even the behavior of animals and the blooming of flowers. One of the most impacted populations by climate change are our planets pollinators. This includes bees, hummingbirds, bats, and butterflies. Evah found a way to help pollinators and decided to create a new pollinator garden for a resident in the Indian Village neighborhood near Waynedale. She cleared an area that was about 100 square feet, planted nearly 90 native pollinator-friendly flowers and plants, including milkweed, and mulched the garden. She plans to continue to maintain the garden and hopes that others will take the same big steps to help our smallest pollinator friends.

The Waynedale News Staff

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