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New Department Of Health Website Launched

First impressions are everything, and a redesigned Allen County Department of Health website provides visitors an attractive, well-organized way to explore the many ways the Department works to promote and protect the health of residents.

The new went live this week, replacing an earlier version of the site launched in 2014. The completely revamped website offers an array of options as well as easy access to information about testing, vaccinations, permits, and records including birth and death certificates, medical documents, and health inspections.

Among the new features:
• Improved organization – Users will spend less time searching for needed information.
• Consolidation of documents – Applications and forms are conveniently located in one place, eliminating the need to visit multiple pages of the website.
• Clean, simple design – A new layout promotes ease of access throughout the site.

Questions and complaints can be submitted through the website, and information about the Department and its operations are available via one-click download. Users also can personalize the website by enlarging features and choosing full color or high contrast options.

“Our website is often the first point of interaction for our customers with the Department of Health,” Administrator Mindy Waldron said. “We expect our staff to be welcoming and helpful, and Allen County residents deserve a digital doorway through which they are welcomed and helped.”

Department staff also can easily make changes and add important updates to the new website.

Reusser Design began work in 2021 to redesign the site.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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