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The Rejuvenation Of Spring

Here it is the end of March and the beginning of a very busy time of the year. With Women’s History Month, Disability Awareness Month, our upcoming scholarship awards and Family Fun Day, and a busier than usual daily workload, we are definitely looking forward to the rejuvenation of spring.

Patsy Brewer with springtime items in the Clothing Emporium.

March 22nd marked this year’s vernal equinox, that is the first day of spring. Equinox means that, as the days have been growing longer since the beginning of winter in December, now day and night are equal in length. The days will continue getting longer until the first day of summer in June when the process will reverse, and it will be the nights that take over the majority. All the result of a tilted earth circling around the sun.

Spring has been celebrated, one way or another, since ancient times. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the weather warming and the trees greening up? Around here the Wonder Lilies are sending up their leaves, letting us know that they will be blooming on bare stalks in August, and spring cleaning is going on all around, including at the township. Patsy Brewer has been changing to spring and summer items in the Clothing Emporium, and our Workfare Department is providing labor to local agencies to help them with sprucing up their operations. This time of year just feels like the time for new beginnings.

In fact, until 1752, New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25th which, when you think of it, makes sense; new growing season, the greening of the landscape, Easter Sunday marking the beginning of the year in the Christian church calendar. You can see how the year used to go when you look at the names of some of the months. In Latin, September means the seventh month, October, the eighth month, November the ninth and December the tenth month.

In the United States the new terms of the president and the Congress started in March up until 1937 when the 20th Amendment went into effect making the terms begin on January 20th following the election the November before.

As the times have been pretty trying for a while now, it seems fitting to look to this season for the new beginnings it offers, to celebrate it for what it offers: a chance to start again. Join us, Trustee Knox and the Wayne Township staff, in welcoming spring.

Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox
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Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox

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