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Fall In Love With Clean Storm Drains – Letter To The Editor

Did you know that storm drains are the concrete streams that connect us to our rivers by removing excess water from around our homes and businesses? Show your storm drain some love by removing ice, snow, and debris, ensuring they can adequately do their work! Some things to consider when keeping your storm drain debris-free:

  1. When shoveling snow, be mindful and place snow away from storm drains. This simple action helps to keep water moving and limits localized flooding!
  2. If you notice that a storm drain has become blocked with snow, ice, or debris such as leaves, be a good neighbor and remove it with a shovel. Removing snow and ice from storm drains ensures that the storm drain does not become backed up, making the surrounding area slippery! Small acts of kindness help to create positive impacts for our waterways.
  3. Do not apply sand, salt, or other deicers around the storm drain. Remember, these drains go straight to our rivers, and what you apply to the surrounding area will go with the snow, ice melt, or rainwater, negatively impacting our water quality.
  4. If you see sand or salt gathering around a storm drain, take a broom and sweep it up! Removing material away from the drain helps ensure that it will not clog the system or cause problems downstream.
    Help be the solution to stormwater pollution and show a storm drain in your area some love by cleaning it up!
The Waynedale News Staff

Jacquelyn Buck

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