Global Warming Concerns – Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

My name is Kiley Bishop, I am a 17 year old Junior at Norwell high school. I am writing to express my concerns on Global Warming and pollution, and the effects it takes on the environment. The concerns of Global Warming and pollution have become and still are a major problem we are facing in the world today. At most, our community is starting to become over polluted and will continue if no action is taken. That is why raising awareness in our community is a must. There are solutions that can solve the problems if our society comes together, and the word is spread around.

In Fort Wayne there is a lot of waste and pollution all around us such as on the side of roads, in bodies of water, and in many other places. Most people don’t think they are littering or give the thought to it but according to the Southern Illinoisan, about 90% of the population litter, and only 48% admits to it. This is a great impact our world takes without recycling or actually tossing our trash away, which is one of the main reasons pollution continues to grow greatly. If many Americans start to recycle now, reuse items, and consider the effect of litter on our environment, it may start to slowly help not only our community, but our world as well.

Keeping this idea in mind, future generations are at risk if the world does not think about finding ways to stop global warming. According to NASA there are many long-term effects that could happen if action is not taken now. These effects include, but are not limited to dirtier air, more wildlife extinction rates, higher sea levels, polluted waterways, and death rates just to name a few. Overall, there are more negative’s than positives when it comes to this subject, so we must act now. Why wait when time is running out to save our planet.

I believe global warming and pollution should be acted upon, so that our world can start to have a safer environment, and healthier Earth. This is very important when thinking about the future, and the future generations who will have to live in our world. I hope to make an impact in some way to get started on solutions to the problems. It is time to recognize this issue from, a bigger picture and think about the facts.

The Waynedale News Staff
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Kiley Bishop

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