According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been over 212 million COVID vaccinations administered around the country. As millions of people get the vaccine, they may still be wondering how they can continue to minimize their risks of contracting the virus. The good news is that there are ways to help reduce risks and keep healthy.

“It’s a great idea to get the vaccine, but getting it doesn’t mean you can completely let your guard down,” explains Shan S. Haider, chief executive officer of CurexLab, one of the largest suppliers of COVID-19 PPE and lab supplies. “The vaccine is the first step in protecting yourself, but there are other things you can do to keep you and your family healthy.”

First, it’s important for people to know what being “fully vaccinated” means. Getting the vaccine doesn’t mean that one has reached full vaccination.

According to the CDC, people are considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after they have received their final vaccine. For those who have received the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, that would mean two weeks after their second dose. For those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, that would be two weeks after their one shot.

Additional things that you can do to stay COVID-safe after being fully vaccinated include:
• Continuing to make hand washing a priority.
• Wearing a mask in public places where there will be others nearby.
• Avoiding large crowds and especially those that are indoors or are in poorly ventilated areas.
• Avoid those who may be at an increased risk for COVID or other illnesses.
• Adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating healthy, getting plenty of physical activity, and losing weight if you have extra pounds.
• When traveling, be sure to take sanitizing wipes along to clean your immediate area, such as on an airplane, and take hand sanitizer with you for when you can’t find a sink right away.

“The more we can make these things a regular part of our lives, the safer we will be,” added Haider. “Once fully vaccinated, we can start getting back to our normal lives, but it’s also wise to take some precautions, especially if you are in a higher risk category.”

Beginning June 2021, CurexLab will be offering a travel kit, which has been designed for travelers who are exposed to crowds and would like to clean and sanitize their immediate area. The travel kit includes two disposable 3-ply masks, two pair of gloves, 10 wet wipe sachets, and 10 sanitizer gel sachets.

CurexLab Inc., pioneers in clinical diagnostic kits, offers a range of COVID-19 PPE supplies and lab supplies at affordable costs. Its product line includes antibody rapid testing kits, RNA COVID-19 extraction kits, inferred thermometers, ventilators, face shields, hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves, KN95 masks, three and four-ply masks, isolation and surgical gowns, and coveralls. To get more information or see the line of COVID-19 PPE and lab supplies, visit the site at:

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