The health benefits of plants and flowers are needed more than ever during these challenging times. The best way to banish what remains of the winter blues is to welcome spring with fresh flowers and plants. Our eyes are especially drawn to the bright blooms of the season. Here are a few ways how we can harness their power.

Flowers Make People Happy and Boost Energy

There are thousands of brilliant flowers that blossom in springtime and with them they bring feelings of compassion and energy. Studies done at Harvard, Rutgers, and Texas A&M have shown that being around flowers induces immediate happiness and delight, promote long-term mood-boosting effects, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

During the spring months you can admire brightly blooming plants like tulips, ranunculus, pansies, violas, primrose and more!

Flowers Help You Start the Day on a High Note
Seeing blooming flowers, especially in the morning, can jumpstart your day and help you stay in a positive mood all day long.

Plants and flowers can reduce stress and improve the air quality around you making it a no brainer to visit a greenhouse on those cloudy cold days.

The Color Green May Help Lower Stress
When you walk into a greenhouse you are immediately immersed into a sea of green. The color green can help people feel more relaxed and at ease. If you are feeling stressed, take a walk through a foliage-filled greenhouse and get your dose of fresh, living plants.

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