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Director Mike DePew delivers ice bath to Trustee Knox as prize to hard-working employees via Zoom video conference.

Wayne Township Trustee, Austin Knox, has been running a virtual township assistance office during the current COVID-19 pandemic. His staff has been working almost entirely from home through phone calls, emails, the internet and the US mail. It has not been the ideal way of doing business—we like to see our clients face-to-face —but it has worked, with a team effort and the leadership of Mr. Knox. With his hands-on approach Knox has kept the staff engaged, and sometimes even entertained. For example, this month he held a contest for staff members who distributed the most school supply backpacks to the township children. The prize? Getting to watch the boss receive a proverbial ice bath over a Zoom call—all in good fun.

In celebration of a different style of leadership the board of the Wayne Township Trustee Office voted at their August meeting on a resolution to change the name of the annual Recognizing Achievement Scholarship to the Richard A. Stevenson Scholarship and to designate the throughway that connects both Wayne Township Trustee Office parking lots the “Stevenson Way.”

To commemorate the exemplary service of Mr. Stevenson, who served as trustee from 2007 to 2019, it was noted In the resolution that Mr. Stevenson “worked to make the Wayne Township a better place by giving a hand up to those in need and making sure taxpayer dollars were spent responsibly.” He “worked on behalf of the community to address issues of homelessness” and provided a food pantry, clothing emporium, jobs programs and other necessities.

Mr. Stevenson strived to help the youth in the community, providing scholarships and other programs that demonstrated his belief that education is so valuable to the life-long success of young people. Trustee Stevenson also established an annual holiday event for the community providing entertainment and “gifts for those who might have financial difficulties providing for their families during the holidays.”

The resolution concluded, “We recognize Trustee Richard A. Stevenson Sr. for all of his contributions and thank him for his dedication, selflessness and compassionate efforts during his administration by naming ‘Stevenson Way’ so that when employees use the throughway they are reminded to always be of service to others. Also let us recognize Trustee Richard A. Stevenson Sr. by renaming the Recognizing Achievement Scholarship (RAS) the Richard A. Stevenson Sr. Scholarship.”

So as the summer’s end draws near and we look forward to a (this year) quiet Labor Day, join us in celebrating our two styles of leadership both of which aim toward one goal—that is exemplary service to the citizens of Wayne Township by staff members who love their job.

Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox
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Wayne Township Trustee - Austin Knox

Trustee Austin Knox is a Fort Wayne native who, on January 10, 2020, was unanimously elected trustee at a caucus of Democratic precinct committee leaders of Wayne Township. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer