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Funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, area streams and rivers are getting a boost with the construction of four new rain gardens along Fort Wayne’s Trail Network. One of the new rain gardens completed by The Fort Wayne Greenways and Trails is located at the Poka-bache Connector on Bluffton Road between the entrances to the Southwest Conservation Club.

The installation is part of the Maumee River Basin Pollution Management Program and a vision of the Southwest Conservation Club’s Prairie Team. This new rain garden consists of 218 different native plants!

The three other locations include the Six-Mile Creek Trail at Safety Village, the North River Road Trailhead, and at the intersection of the Pufferbelly Trail just South of the Dupont Road trail underpass.

Planting rain gardens helps to add beauty as well as river protection to the trails. The rain gardens will assist in managing storm water with efforts to absorb water, which protects area rivers and streams by reducing pollution.

A rain garden serves as a pollution control mechanism by filtering runoff pollution before it reaches our rivers and streams. The gardens control rainwater runoff by containing it where it falls and giving the water an opportunity to soak into the ground. The plants have deep root systems that break up soil and allow them to soak in more water, to filter storm water runoff and reduce flooding.

The Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council (NIRCC) applied for the grants and the installation is part of the Maumee River Basin Urban Pollution Management Program.

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