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Cynthia Gabbard displays one of her pieces of art to be on display.

Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) displayed nearly 50 artworks by 28 talented local artists at the Art of Hope Grand Opening beginning on Thursday October 24, at Gallery 101 at Manchester University’s Fort Wayne Campus, 10627 Diebold Rd, Fort Wayne, IN.

Art of Hope is a three-month long art exhibit highlighting local artists and sharing inspiring stories about recovery, healing, and hope. Featuring artwork from artists who have experienced mental health challenges, Art of Hope will encourage candid conversations around mental illness and wellness.

Included in the exhibit are artworks by Patrick Chesebrough and Heather Miller.

Patrick’s art has helped him heal after a history of substance use and bipolar disorder. Before seeking treatment, starting an art project would trigger his mania. Now that he is managing his mental health condition, art has been a real healing force for him. You can view his Saint Dymphna painting at the opening.

As a teacher, Heather Miller has utilized art often in her classroom to help students achieve the “flow state,” when students become so enthralled with their work that time seems to stand still as they concentrate on the challenge at hand. This flow state allows students to take risks in a safe environment, make decisions, and navigate their way to success on their own. Applying these concepts to her own art, Heather was confident to take her own risks and make the art that she wanted.

The exhibit will remain on display until January 24, 2020.

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